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Cloud Computer is the future of IT!


Many Enterprises small and Large, including Government agencies are looking for better IT platforms to tame IT budgets, and at the same time provide agile IT services for their  organizations, customers, citizens and constituents. MicroAccess has been deploying Virtualisation and Cloud Computing for our Enterprise Clients since 2007. We understand the benefits, management, and pains of Cloud computing to businesses more than any other IT vendor in the country.  We also understand that in our country today, power, skills and bandwidth are perhaps the biggest impediments to adopting cloud computing.  MicroAccess is a certified VMware Enterprise Partner, and a specialised Microsoft Virtualisation (Hyper-V) partner.  The combination of these skills ensures our ability to recommend the best-fit cloud solution for your business.


Cloud Solutions Offerings

MicroAccess Cloud Implementation Solution is backed-up by our professional certified cloud engineering Staff with years of practical experience.


Private Cloud

Our Cloud computing platform addresses the needs of Enterprises that required their own in-house Private Cloud, with high availability standards, and yet with all the futures of the common Public Cloud systems. We will assist organisations to migrate completely from their current traditional Data Centre IT-in-silos, to a full automated private cloud platform

Public Cloud

Are you looking at using Public cloud services such as Google Enterprise or Microsoft Office 365 for your business and not sure how to go about it or you have major security concerns?  MicroAccess in-house experts can recommend the best platform for your business, and provide you with the necessary tools to protect your information. 

Hybrid Cloud

Perhaps you want the best of both world – Hybrid Cloud; use Public Cloud for your front-end web servers, and Private Cloud where you need performance or protect sensitive information. Perhaps use the Public Cloud as a storage site or disaster recovery site, talk to our team of experts who have the experience to recommend the right solution for you.


MicroAccess Cloud Services

The recent introduction and development of cloud computing, addresses the issue of budget constraints and changes the way that IT services are delivered to organizations.  Instead of both owning and managing IT services for themselves, or using an outsourcing approach built around dedicated hardware, software, and support services, your organization can use cloud computing to meet your IT requirements using a flexible, on-demand, and rapidly scalable model that requires no ownership on your part. In doing so, it reduces costs, provides agility in terms of procurement and acquisition process and timelines and fosters environmental sustainability. MicroAccess Limited is positioned to provide these sectors and agencies with strategy, architecture, and solutions for cloud computing by offering the following services via its new fully equipped data center.


  •      Cloud Compute and Storage Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

  •      Cloud Software Solution as a Service (SaaS)

  •      Cloud Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

  •      Cloud Unified Communication Services (UCaaS)

  •      Cloud development Platform as a Service (PaaS)


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