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Data Centre Services


Many IT organizations face major challenges in satisfying a company's business requirements with limited available resources. Technology changes, new solutions need to be implemented and data volumes have grown dramatically. Companies with their own Data Centre are beginning to experience physical limitations with regard to space management, power and cooling. Massive and expensive investments may be required. Many are unable to meet increased demands with regard to management, competence, the environment and security. The result is often short-term and the solutions, expensive.


For most companies, outsourcing their need for Data Centre capacity to colocation partners is the best solution. MicroAccess Data Centre is designed to provide optimal security and reliability for customers, offering a wide range of flexible and cost effective hosting solutions to suit any business. Putting your ideas into the cloud is far easier than you might think. Our servers can be scaled up or down as needed, giving you maximum flexibility, reliability and speed.


We offer colocation services through our datacentre which is equipped and configured to allow secure client access to private servers. Colocation services include leasing server cabinets and cages, connecting to the ISP's network and physical infrastructure, and monitoring server status.


With our cloud hosting services incorporates numerous hardware, software, middleware, security, monitoring and other capabilities to ensure application and information processing performance and reliability. For you and your business, it means:  


  •  Flexibility. Allows rapid implementation timelines

  •  Cost reduction. Reduces capital expenditures and associated overhead

  •  Scalability. On demand scalability/provisioning with utility-based pricing.


Overall, our Data Centre services provides you and your business:

  • Scalable capacity and guaranteed performance

  • Active monitoring and continuous preparedness

  • Access to expertise and sufficient resources

  • Preferential agreements with hardware and infrastructure suppliers

  • Short lead times for deliveries

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Correct security level for installation and data




Managed Services


Whether your organization already has an IT department or you simply would like to extract more functionality and value from your existing IT assets, by proactively Monitoring and Managing your IT Services, MicroAccess IT Managed Services (MIMS) will make IT work for you.


Our granular cost model gives you the flexibility to start small or add & remove services according to your needs.


We offer comprehensive IT Managed Services solution for you that covers advance monitoring, optimization, fault diagnostic and resolution of the following;


  • Infrastructure as a service

    • Connectivity - Internet and WAN

    • Network - LAN/WLAN

  • Data Centre Services and Support

    • Data Centre Automation

    • Business Continuity

    • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware,

    • Firewall, Load Balancing

    • Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention

    • Servers, Storage, Disaster Recovery

    • Collaboration

    • OS/Virtualization

  • Application as a Service

    • Security -End-User Security

    • Application - Database,

    • Enterprise Application

    • Business Applications (ECM, EDMS, ERP, CRM)

    • Application Monitoring

    • Licensing and Compliance

  • Support and Service Centre

    • Remote access and assistance for Servers, Desktops, End-users

    • Print Management

    • Hardware support

    • Onsite service and support

  • Service Reporting (Quarterly and Trend Analysis)




Service Support


Service support is vital to our overallIT service strategy in ensuring that our customer services are available, secure and operational. We have automated our processes to capture customer requests within our IT service management tools and database. No matter what your support requirements are, MicroAccess has the right strategy to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Whether you need an emergency response hotline, remote access support, a dedicated account manager – we have a plan for you. MicroAccess service support enables you to maximize the power of your organization, and to deliver the most exceptional service and support to your customers.


Our service support covers:


  • ·   Service Level Agreement Support

  •     ServiceDesk/Helpdesk Support

  •     Onsite and Engineer Implant Support

  •     On-call Support

  •     Remote Support

  • ·   OEM and 3rd Party Maintenance






Management Systems




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