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Increase your productivity with the latest software technologies!


No matter the size of your business, you deserve a software solution that is intelligent enough to addresses your specific needs, and will showcase your business to the World.  Our software and web solution is just that kind of platform, we offer you a range of advanced software and web tools that will increase your productivity, save time & money, and make you look good to your customers. 


MicroAccess Software & Web Platform provides you with an integrated solution that is intelligent, interactive, and using the latest Web 2.0 features.  Our software solution integrates the latest web technologies that includes; wikis, chats, posts, html5, for increased productivity and collaboration.   At MicroAccess, we work with our world class partners to provide the right and cost-effective software solution for your business. 


Are you looking to put your business online, generate traffic, and accept payments? With the latest multi-payment gateway platform, MicroAccess can get you that customer visibility you have been looking for to showcase your products and Services.

Do you have a special requirement that you think is not covered by off-the shelf software products?  Why don’t you talk to our experienced software adviser team, and they will develop a solution that fits your needs.

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